Beyond having led worship at First Baptist Church in Portland for the past 4 years,
Lisa Gallant Seal is a seasoned musician, songwriter and “Musicianary” from western Maine (US).

In addition to leading the contemporary worship service, she has responded to God's specific call to encourage the church and unbelievers toward an intimate relationship with Jesus through her own original songs. This artist is a challenge and a blessing to all of her listeners. “A rare and sought out combination, Lisa has talent and integrity and an endless supply of courage to tell her story on her terms.” Darren Elder–The Wrecking

Passionate about sharing the Gospel through her music, Lisa sees her talent as a gift graciously given to her. Her ultimate goal through live concerts and her recordings is to share the hope and love of  Jesus Christ and gather others unto Him through the Holy Spirit.
Latest productions
New Song—2003
Solo at Studio 19—2006
Changing Direction, Halo Records—2012
Live Concerts TBA - Join mailing list for updates 2016
Contemporary Worship Leader 2012 - Present