Lisa and her ministry team, LGS Music, invite churches and individuals to join them in offering a creative outreach for the Gospel message through music and personal testimony. This concert outreach can happen in the local church, a house concert, a neighborhood block party and even has been known to happen on someones "front porch".



Lisa brings a unique feel to the stage with a refreshing "keep it real" way of delivering the songs as well as her  stories. She covers subjects dealing with alcoholism, surviving cancer, growing in Christ, evangelizing and more. Her approach has depth, humor and an undeniable truth as she gives detailed accounts of the stories behind her songs. The LGS band supports the songs in the most creative and intimate way revealing a transparent vulnerability between Lisa and her band, Charles Mugabe and Eric Pelschat.

You will find Lisa in small intimate settings such as local coffee houses, house concerts, conferences and worship gatherings as well as larger concert stage appearances.

Combine a good song, a passion filled delivery, seasoned musicians who's mission is to deliver a night full of songs about a personal relationship with Jesus Christ encouraging others to seek Him.


If you are interested in having an outreach concert in your area, please contact us for more information.

Front Porch Praise, Waterboro, Maine 2019

Front Porch Praise, Waterboro, Maine 2019


Heart provoking christian rock