Oh Cinderella”


  Cinderella is a download song. You will hear me talk about this from time to time. The download songs are written quickly with hardly any work on my part. Over the years I have come to recognize that many of these download songs are prophetic words God speaks into my life and/or someone else’s. 

  At the time Cinderella was written I was twenty-four hours away from meeting a family member who was struggling in heroin addiction. She called me for help because I am a recovering alcoholic, and even though I hardly knew her, of course I wanted do what I could.


We met in a café and it didn’t take long for me to recognize my late mother in the eyes of this lovely, beaten down, mess of a girl. In the song there is a line that says “generations burned lay in the dust” and there it was, staring me in the face. So she talked and I listened, drifting in and out of memories of the past. It had only been a few decades before that God had plucked me from the throws of self destruction. I could identify with her justification, pride and her convincing tone. She still had her addiction "under control", an oxy moron, satan's grip.


Marissa spoke quite a bit of my mother, who died when she was very young. How could she have known that my mom was but another Cinderella, caught up in herself and her addiction as she walked blindly against the spiritual battle for her soul? I continued to hear the lyric of Cinderella in my head while we talked. “Keep it clean, the needle’s dirty, the façade the scene, so not pretty … he’s breathing death, steady, knocking, holding down, lying and mocking.” 

 This young woman was being fervently chased by the devil. And at the same time I knew God was also  in pursuit of her and this made me excited to tell her about the Cinderella song. And isn't that why I was there? Didn't God have me there to deliver His message through the song? I knew this was true but all of the sudden I found myself hesitant. I didn’t want her to think I was using her trial filled situation to “hook” her into “religion” and I was afraid of rejection, I was afraid … thank God the Holy Spirit quickly rushed in and took over and I took the piece of paper with the scratching's of the lyric and began to speak the freshly written song into her hardened heart. I let the song do the talking. 

She wept, and I cried too. 

I would like to give you a “fairy tale” ending but this "ain’t no fairy tale." This is a true story of the devastating disease of addiction at it’s best and a generational curse used to keep us hiding from our true identity in Christ. And more, this story is about me and maybe you, a Child of God, yet still afraid to tell someone in need about Jesus and His saving grace.

Is this you too? Are you afraid to share the hope of Jesus Christ today? Do you sometimes ignore the Holy Spirit's prompting to share His grace with someone or ask if they want prayer? Don't worry, God will always be there for you ... on time, poignant, perfect, clear and powerful.

Do you know a Cinderella? Send her the song, give her this story. Pray for her. Reach out to her with the hope of Jesus Christ's saving grace.  

Love, L

Oh Cinderella by lgs


Little sister when you coming home?

You’re looking tired, you look alone.

Your hiding place is hard and mean

so you scramble back to that ugly scene.

Generations burn in the dust.

So sin un-turned how could you have ever

trusted those empty eyes up in your face?

And your wanting heart falls out of place.


Oh Cinderella, clean the attic girl, clean the cellar.

Oh Cinderella, you were not meant to be

The girl you think you see.


This ain’t no fairy tale, not when you were small.

The love was weak, the order’s tall

And your momma sees not much at all!


Babies having babies now,

you loved him and took a vow.

No man could ever shine his light,

so you lay alone night after night


Keep it clean, the needles dirty,

the façade the scene, so not pretty

He’s breathing death, steady knocking,

holding down, lying and mocking.


Girl your love light’s dim,

but that does not matter to Him

When you coming home little sister?

When you coming home Cinderella?

When you coming home Sweet Marissa?


Dance, dance little sister,

dance around His tree of life.

When you coming home?

He is your Father, He wants to make it right.