Singer, songwriter and storyteller, Lisa Gallant Seal's music ministry reaches out to surrounding communities and beyond, focusing on her experience and hope of following Jesus Christ in the world today.

With a gritty, rhythmic guitar style and confessional song lyric Lisa gives her audience a passionate transparency through an unbridled rock style energy. This dynamic artist appeals to an age demographic ranging from mid-twenties to folks well into their sixties.

With a wide range of song topics, Seal brings to the forefront the joy, struggles and expectations of following Jesus; sharing stories of personal change, His unconditional love and more.

Lisa is also involved with various worship teams and corporate worship events offering music worship consulting and training.



Lisa Gallant Seal, a Maine native, first picked up the guitar at the age of eleven. Inheriting a love for lyrical expression and music from both parents she started playing guitar and writing songs at a young age. Growing up in a troubled home, the artist used her ability to write her feelings as a coping tool. "I realized my ability to put words to music when I was around fourteen and it helped me cope, it helped me feel", shares the artist, "I could share what I was going through with songs. It felt safer somehow, than talking face to face. Others would identify and a connection was made."

A major life change happened in 1988 when the artist got clean and sober with the help of Alcoholic's Anonymous. Singing her original songs in the streets is where her music journey began. She soon developed a local following with the band, The Brotherhood Dogs, backing her original songs from 1994 - 2000.

After accepting Jesus Christ it didn't take long for her to feel the calling out of the secular music scene and into the Contemporary Christian Music genre. "I have never felt so right in music like I do when I am singing the songs about my relationship with Jesus", says the artist, "and there is the extra blessing of being able to give the back story on these songs ... every song has an intimate story".

As a Christian artist Gallant Seal pays it forward, the things the Lord has done for her she strives to give back with a childlike excitement. Lisa continues, "I can tell about my relationship with Jesus through songs and reveal His unfailing love and the power to transform our lives; to me, there is nothing more satisfying than that."







Starting in July 2019, Lisa Gallant Seal and her band are working on a recording project. Stay tuned for more information and how you can be involved.