Lisa Gallant Seal is a New England based recording artist residing in the state of Maine. Using her own songs and the stories behind them to encourage others toward a relationship with Christ, she brings a transparent heart, humor and wit intertwined with a gutsy guitar style and a powerful voice.  

 "This artist is a challenge and a blessing to all of her listeners. A rare and sought out combination.  Lisa has talent and integrity and an endless supply of courage to tell her story.        Darren Elder, Halo Studio, Windham Me.

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Lisa first picked up a guitar at a young age, inheriting a love for lyrical expression and music from both parents. Growing up in a troubled home, the artist used her ability to write her feelings as a coping tool. "I realized my ability to put words to music when I was around fourteen and it helped me cope, it helped me feel", shares the artist, "I could share what I was going through with songs. It felt safer than talking face to face. Others would identify and a connection was made."  From the a very young age, her life was a struggle due to alcoholic parents, divorce and then struggling in her own addiction to alcohol and drugs.

Things changed in 1988 when the Lisa got clean and sober with the help of Alcoholic's Anonymous. Becoming more serious about her music she shared her original songs to whoever would listen, starting in the Old Port area of Portland, local pubs and then leading her own all original band, The Brotherhood Dogs (1994-2002) all the way to NY City.

After accepting Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior, it didn't take long for her to feel called out of the secular music scene to sharing her relationship with Christ through her songs. "I have never felt so right in music like I do when I am singing songs about my relationship with Jesus", says the artist, "and there is the extra blessing of being able to give the back story on these songs ... every song has an intimate story."